Divorce Case for Custody of Family Pet

dog custody pictureJames J. Kenny was recently hired to represent a gentleman in a divorce case in Rancho Cucamonga that wanted to fight to keep their family dog. After months of court visits and James Kenny going back and fourth in trial, the Man won custody of the family dog in their divorce. The big day came for the Man to get his dog full time but that day, something came over him and his heart decided to allow his wife to keep their family dog. It was an interesting family law case because James Kenny is a dog lover himself and knows very well the love of a family dog. He fought as hard as he could to win the case and although he did win, it turns out the husband in the case had a change of heart. To read more about custody disputes over pets in divorce cases, read this great article! 

If you are interested in hiring a lawyer for a family law case with pets involved, call our Law Office today! The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny has offices located in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino, serving all courts in Southern California. James Kenny is an attorney that has been practicing Family law for so many years that he has earned the title of, “Certified Family Law Specialist” and can help you with any family law or divorce case including but not limited to; child custody, visitation, child or spousal support, property division, domestic violence, family business and prenuptial agreements. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with James Kenny, call today! 909-476-2661

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