Family Law Office that feels like home!

Divorce Attorney office dog, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Divorce Attorney, Mr. James Kenny’s dog greeting guests in the Rancho Cucamonga office.

There are many things that James J. Kenny and his team here at our family law office do to make our Rancho Cucamonga, Ca location feel like home. It is very important to us that our clients feel like guests in our home not only by the way they are treated, but by our atmosphere. Our divorce attorney, Mr. Kenny, insures that everyone is treated with the same kindness, care and professionalism.

Starting with your first call, our receptionist, Jenni, is always in a great mood, picking up the phone with a happy hello, eager to help whoever it is on the other line. Here at the office, we greet everyone with a warm welcome, we provide drinks for our guests, comfortable chairs to sit in and even dogs will happily greet you!  James J. Kenny and his assistant, who happens to be his wife, Christy Kenny, very often bring their dogs to work and everyone is greeted by their happy, eager faces, tale wags and maybe a few kisses. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny are huge dog lovers and their 3 dogs, Dakota, Seamus and Shannon get to relax while Mr. Kenny and his associate divorce attorney, Miss Kelly Price, meet with their clients.

“Having the dogs in the office really makes people happy and makes our office feel like less of a Divorce Attorney’s office and more like a home.” -James J. Kenny.

Our family law office does not discriminate against anyone and we want ALL people to feel comfortable here, which is why Mr. Kenny is a very popular divorce lawyer for many same sex marriages, and we represent people of all colors and income brackets.

We received an amazing 5-star review on our google page from our client, George Duarte, from Upland, Ca, raving about the way Mr. Kenny made him feel. Here’s what he had to say:

“On Thursday, July 19th, 2019, I met for the first time with Mr James Kenny for an initial consult regarding an extremely stressful legal matter. From the very first moment I was warmly welcomed by the office staff. I waited only a very brief moment before I was greeted by Mr Kenny himself and welcomed to his exquisitely decorated office. Mr Kenny put my fears at ease, assuring me and educating me on the best way forward. Mr Kenny’s knowledge, confidence and experience were profound and so reassuring. I was given the highest regard and hospitality which exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Mr Kenny and his staff of expert professionals for any and all legal family court matters.”

If you would like to hire a divorce attorney to help with your divorce case, call today!

Rancho Cucamonga Family Law Office Dog on Christmas
During Christmas, we decorate our office with a tree and our family law office dogs love gretting our guests with holiday cheer.

James J. Kenny is a “Certified Family Law Specialist” that works along side, associate attorney, Kelly Price. They are family law attorneys that can assist with divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements and domestic violence. They also have an office located in San Bernardino, Ca and take virtual appointments through video calling to make it convenient to meet anytime and anywhere.

If you need a family divorce lawyer, call today to book your consultation with Mr. Kenny! 909-476-2661.

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