Hire an attorney to help you draft your will and testament

Although most of Mr. Kenny’s time is filled with divorce, child custody and child support will attorneycases, he can also help in writing a will and testament to insure that if anything were to happen, your family would be taken care of and your estate would be protected. Hiring a lawyer to help prepare your last will and testament can save your family confusion, arguments and battles later. A lawyers assistance is essential if your situation is unusual, complex or involves substantial assets. Jame J. Kenny received a 5-star review from a client named Pondy D. about this very service:

“I am so happy with Law Offices of James J Kenny’s services and guidance. I used them to draft my Last Will and Testament. What I thought I wanted my will to say wasn’t even close to what I needed. He was so wonderful in explaining what planning and language was needed to manage my estate. In the event that the use of my will becomes necessary, in the far, far, far distant future, I am confident that the work done now will provide and protect my family. Thank you.”

If you are interested in hiring an attorney to help you prepare and complete  your will, call for a consultation today! 909-476-2661 Our Family Law Offices are located in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino and we also offer virtual appointments.

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