Lower Your Legal Fees and Get More Satisfaction From Your Lawyer!

Lower legal fees through emails and virtual appointmentsJames J. Kenny has been practicing law since 1977 and has been a divorce and family law attorney with the title, “Certified Family Law Specialist” since 1983.  In the past, James J. Kenny conducted most of his business through personal face to face meetings. The client would call to schedule an appointment having to do with their divorce or family law case and depending on how busy he was with other appointments and visits to the courthouses for hearings, that client would be put on the schedule for at least 1-2 weeks out. Then when Mr. Kenny would sit down with the client, his average meeting would take 2-3 hours to complete. Asking questions, answering questions, taking notes, discussing options and always trying to be as thorough as possible. Although Mr. Kenny still conducts his consultations and meetings this way, emailing has become a very common way to communication between these meetings and that is how technology is helping his client’s lower their legal fees and get more satisfaction from him as their Lawyer.

Technology is really improving our way of life in many different ways, especially in James J. Kenny’s Family Law Offices in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino, Ca.  Now that almost all of his clients and prospective clients have emails, correspondence is not only easier, it is a faster way to communicate and it gives each party the ability to take the time to read, digest and respond in the best and most effective way. If a client happens to have a letter they need Mr. Kenny to see or have a copy of, instead of making an appointment to give it to Mr. Kenny and discuss what it is, they can now simply attach the letter in an email with a description, and what would have been an hour long meeting and an hour of lawyer fees, is often cut in half saving money for the client and time for Mr. Kenny.

Another way our Family Law Office clients can lower their legal fees and save on time is through virtual appointments instead of office appointments. With Skype, google video hangouts, Iphone facetime and other video chatting services, technology has offered us the ability to have face to face conversations without actually being in the same room. We can share documents in real time and still communicate in the best way in the comfort of our home, office or anywhere for that matter.

If you need a family lawyer or divorce attorney, contact the Family Law Office of James J. Kenny. We have offices located in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino, Ca and specialize in divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements and domestic violence.

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