Protect Yourself from Kids’ Sexting!

Make sure your children are not sextingIt was recently brought to Mr. Kenny’s attention by a judge, that more and more court cases are coming across the courtroom having to do with children “sexting”.  “Sexting”, according to, is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, primarily between mobile phones.  “Sexting” has become more and more popular with young kids and teens and technology only seems to help the situation.  The Judge went on to say that even if it was the child that was using a cell phone to do the “sexting”, all cell phones are typically opened under the parents’ name because they are the ones paying the bill. If and when a cell phone is confiscated and inappropriate messages are found on the phone, it is not the children that get in trouble for it, the parents, whose name is on the cell phone bill are the ones accused, and the charges can be as harsh as possession of child pornography if there are nude or sexually explicit pictures and messages! This stunned Mr. Kenny and he immediately thought about how this could affect a divorce case, child custody case or any family law case for that matter.  As you can imagine, Mr. James J. Kenny, who is an experienced divorce attorney and family lawyer, handles many family law cases that involve very disgruntled partners that would love nothing more than to find something like this “sexting” issue to blame it on the opposite partner, who legally owns the phone, and create a battle over it. So to avoid this issue, we wanted to warn you about the problem and offer a solution to it!
With a little bit of research, our Family Law Office was able to find out My mobile watchdog logoabout an app that allows parents to spy on their children’s phone activity.  A child Safety website called “My Mobile Watchdog”, has launched a new app that advertises that with their app, you can “monitor your child’s texts, block apps, set what time apps can be used and track location by GPS”. It doesn’t stop there, this Mobile Watchdog app also allows parents the ability to see what their children are doing on their phone including read their text messages, see their picture messages, see their contact history, find a lost phone, block websites and even allows them the ability to see into their Facebook and Instagram apps.
Not every parent will feel the need to be this restricting and strict on their children and we are sure there are other ways to go about protecting yourself, but we also know this is not something to take lightly!
The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny has office locations in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino, Ca and with the help of associate attorney, Kelly Price, we focus on divorce cases including divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, domestic violence, property division, family business and prenuptial agreements. Visit our website or call us at 909-476-2661.

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