Divorce Process Completed in Record Timing by Mr. Kenny

Although not every divorce case is handled and completed within such a timely manner, we are very proud that we were recently able to help a client with filing her domestic violence divorce and obtaining a restraining order from her now ex-husband in only three days!

Due to privacy we cannot name our client but for the sake of telling this story, we will go with Mrs. Jane. Mrs. Jane, a 42 year old woman from Glendora, Ca., hired The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny last Thursday because she needed an experienced lawyer/attorney to help her with her domestic violence case and to divorce her husband. Immediately after Mrs. Jane hired us on Thursday, we prepared the divorce paperwork, created a 4-5 page declaration describing all domestic violence occurrences against our client and by Friday Morning, we filed the divorce paperwork with the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court in San Bernardino County. After filing the divorce paperwork with the court Friday Morning, that afternoon, we served her husband the paperwork notifying him of the divorce request by his soon-to-be-ex-wife. That same day, a restraining order was requested and issued by the court by 2pm and the restraining order was served to Mrs. Janes’ husband by the next day, on Saturday at 10am. In only three days, we were successfully able to complete what would normally take a week to 10 days to complete at the minimum to complete.

Her husband was 45 years old and because of his assets involving 60-70 fast food restaurants, this was a very high asset case so the client was very happy with our speedy services of her domestic violence case.

We would like to recognize Mr. Jerad Powers, a new associate attorney here at the Family Law Office of James J. Kenny, that helped make this quick turn-around-time happen. Mr. Powers is now working in the office alongside Mr. James Kenny and Mrs. Kelly Price, so if you’re in need of a divorce attorney or family law specialist, call to schedule your consultation with our law office today at 909-476-2661.

Our law offices are located in both Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and San Bernardino, Ca and we assist clients that are based all over California and beyond. If you are not able to meet us in person, we also offer virtual appointments that offer a very convenient way to meet with us.

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