Annulment Victory by Divorce Attorney, Mr. James Kenny, San Bernardino, Ca

annulment services by the family law offices of james j kennyWe are excited to announce that the Family Law Office of James J. Kenny not only won an annulment case for a separating couple in San Bernardino, Ca., we won a hundred percent of the divorce case. What does this mean? Our family law attorney, Mr. James J. Kenny and his associate attorney, Miss Kelly Price, won every single issue that was being fought for in the annulment of the marriage, which included a domestic violence restraining order against the wife.

There are two ways to end a marriage; annulment and divorce, and annulment cases are very rare. In our family law office in the last 43 years, we have dealt with very few of them. The husband and wife in this annulment story were married for 3 years and were both previously married once before they decided to get hitched. It turns out that the wife failed to file for divorce from her previous husband and her current husband was under the impression, the entire relationship, that she had been divorced previously. He didn’t actually know that his wife was never fully divorced from her previous marriage when they started their divorce case with our family law office, but through the progression of the case, one of the wife’s friends became upset at her, and in anger, told the husband the information that she never fully divorced her previous husband. We were able to find her old marriage certificate and confirmed that she was not legally divorced from her previous marriage, which made her current marriage not legal under the California state law. This made their current marriage null and void, which granted the annulment and allowed us to win the case. Once the court ruled in the favor of the husband (our client), he did not have to pay any spousal support even though there was a big difference in the income between them. The husband also won 100 percent of the marital estate and was granted a restraining order against the wife while also preventing the wife from getting a restraining order against him. As you can imagine, this was a huge win for the husband as well as our Family Law Office.

Our client, the Husband, left us a 5-star review on our yelp business page saying:

“I’m now a 100 percenter. Thanks to Mr. Kenny, Vivian, Miss Kelly,  money-Maddie and the beautiful receptionist (who I still forget her name, and I am so sorry that I do). My 5 months of stress terror being worried is over. Mr Kenny and his staff are most definitely the top notch divorce lawyers of the inland empire. You do need to understand you need to give them room to do their job sometimes, and it’s frustrating. If you’re looking for a great family lawyer, call and sit down with Mr. Kenny and Miss Kelly and ask them what a 100 percenter is. It is what they strive for and they are always in your corner.”

Mr. Kenny says the two lessons to take from this annulment story is to be careful of your friends when you get into a divorce and make sure you are fully divorced before getting married a second time. On the other side of that coin, it might be good to talk to the friend’s of the spouse during the divorce to get more information that could help the divorce case. If you need a lawyer to help you with your divorce or annulment, call The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny today! 

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