Lake Arrowhead Family Law & Divorce Attorney

If you are filing for a divorce or dealing with any family law case, and live in Lake Arrowhead, Ca, the closest place to file and litigate is at the Family Law Superior Court in San Bernardino, Ca.  It has come to our attention that there are not many family law attorneys in the Lake Arrowhead, Ca area focusing on divorce law so we are excited to announce that The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny is here to help.

With offices located in both San Bernardino, Ca and Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, we offer convenient locations to meet with you to discuss your family law matters. Also, our experienced divorce attorney, Mr. James J. Kenny, spends his free time on the weekends in Lake Arrowhead and can set up an appointment with you in your home town to make it even more convenient if necessary.

Our divorce attorney and family lawyer, Mr. James J. Kenny, looks forward to representing you in your divorce case as we specialize in annulments, child custody, pet custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support, property division, domestic violence, family business and prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Splitting a family business can be very complicated when divorcing but Mr. Kenny has more than 45 years of experience helping family’s with an agreement that feels fair for both sides. In the rare cases that we have to aggressively fight Mr. Kenny says: “not every case needs to be a war, but when it does, we will provide you with reasonable options and aggressively litigate.” Outside of family law services, we can also assist in creating your will & testament!

Mr. Kenny is a member of the Lake Arrowhead Country Club and has spent so much of his time in the city of Lake Arrowhead that he understands the community and the special situations that might arise in a divorce case between a family that resides there. For instance, valuating and dividing Lake Arrowhead boat docks can be very tricky because of the restrictive rules to comply with to be able to transfer a boat dock into a new person’s name. The divorce attorney you choose would need to know and understand all of the ALA rules and regulations, which Mr. Kenny is fully aware of. If you are not careful to be compliant, they could seize your dock and take it from you for no money. Mr. Kenny also realizes that most of the people with residences in the city of Lake Arrowhead own multiple homes and the Lake Arrowhead location is normally a second home, which can cause a very tricky divorce case when trying to split estates. Also, many of the people that live in Lake Arrowhead are in the entertainment industry, including; writers, actors and actresses, so with higher incomes it is important to deal with a family lawyer that specializes in not only property division and business valuations, but clients of higher income brackets that might own more collateral that can be used in the divorce.

One last thing we would like to add, is that Mr. Kenny is aware that there is a large community of same sex and gay couples in Lake Arrowhead and is happy and proud to represent ALL people in their divorce cases. It is very important to him that he is known as a divorce lawyer that does not discriminate against anyone, and he makes it a high priority to treat everyone with the same respect and reverence he would treat his own family and friends. Read more in our “Same Sex Family Law Attorney” blog!

Make a consultation with Mr. Kenny today by calling our office or filling out the form on our website contact page.



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